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16 July 2011 @ 10:45 am
What's Harry going to do now that the series is over?

Fuck Draco obvi.

A. Okay, this week has been utterly killer. I did the play yesterday and it went so smooth. I didn't forget my lines! I'm so happy
right now! I love drama so much!

B. Glee this week, was every shade of amazing, happened. I loved it! Sue in love! Emma and Will! Puck singing! I thought Finn sucked major this week, and i usually love him! I loved Emma's dress ( 2nd one)!  The only downfall to Glee is three weeks till the next one!

C. I finished Hitch Hiker's guide to the galaxy yesterday, i enjoyed it!

4. I wasn't planning to go see Saw 6 ( They killed Luke Danes, y'all. Luke Frakking Danes) But i heard about the beginning scene! OMG! Siriusly? They have to take off all their skin? No thank you i'd rather have the screws go into my head. What sicko comes up with this shit?
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12 August 2009 @ 11:03 pm

1. Ahh im in love! This show is probably the best tv show ive seen in awhile. Glee's now my new favorite show ( That's right gossip girl , you wouldve stayed if you were more than just unscandalous serena, humphrey, vanessa- fest!) Anyway i really enjoyed this week's episode! KRISTIN CHENOWETH!!! She is the best! I got goosebumps! " Oh Bambi, i cried so hard when they shot your mommy!" Adorable! I love Kurt!
I'm excited for next week! I have a feeling Emma will say yes sadly. I'm really excited!

2. I'm dying to see whip it! I love Ellen Page in juno! Anyone seen it yet? I'm hopefully going tuesday before my school's " spiritual retreat" and speaking of....

3. I bought the sixth harry potter book last week in hopes, i'd get it before our trip but no such luck! AHHHH! What will i do? this sucks so hardcore!

4. Watched Sweeney Todd last night! I  was so worried it would suck and id hate it but i didnt i loved it! It was funny that basically all the death eaters and Gellert Grindleward( Or Cauis) were in it. I giggled a litttle bit.

4. anyway, how is everybody?

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04 August 2009 @ 12:05 pm
Imagine you manage a coven of baseball-playing vampires. The Cullen family is really strong this year and you want to bring in a ringer. Which currently active MLB baseball player do you sire?
31 July 2009 @ 02:33 pm
Happy birthday, J.K. Rowling! Which of her seven Harry Potter novels do you think is the most satisfying read?

The third one. No doubt.

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26 July 2009 @ 06:49 pm

I'm finally doing it. I am no longer going to be all LUKEANDLORELAIFDTRS'T;YT<>HGL:KJFC!
I just think ive gotten quite ridiculous.
I mean ill always love L and L .
I mean they were my first OTP but srsly i should focus elsewhere.
Am i ridiculous??

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09 July 2009 @ 12:39 pm
Sam and Diane, Ross and Rachel, Chuck and Blair—who is your favorite TV couple?

My Ships are: Luke and Lorelai, Mulder and Scully, Blair and Chuck, Barney and Robin, Ron and Hermione, Snape and Lily, Rachel and Finn, Quinn and Puck, Nate and Jenny

Disagree and i bite you!
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04 June 2009 @ 10:38 am

 Choose six TV series before looking at the questions:

1. Gilmore Girls
2. X-files
3. Gossip Girl
5. Bones
6. The Office

1) Favourite character from 2?
Dana Scully. She kicks your ass.

2) Who's your least favourite character from 4?
I'm going to pick my least favorite from the core 6 so , Charles Miener!! I hate anyone who messes with Jim ( besides Dwight)

3) What would a crossover between 1 and 5 include?
Angelea would probaby hit on Luke, and Lorelai would be jealous! and Temperance would probably never understand anything they would say and someone would have murdered Taylor.... ( Kirk) Oh it would be awesome i even think theres a fanfic about them!

4) Who is your favourite ship from 6?
I have mad Jam love. Jim and Pam are too too adorable, and Micholly!
5) If you were to set one person from 3 and one person from 6 on a blind date, who would they be?
Dan and Kelly! That would be explosive!

6) If you could meet one person from #4 and spend the day with them, who would it be and what would you do?
Lily and i would go shopping, and to a violent femmes concert, but  Marshall would probably tag along and talk block me!
7) If you could change one thing about 2's plotline, what would you change?
They would have kept William and DF would have been murdered earlier!

8) Explain a relationship between two people (not necessarily romantic) from show #5 and why you like the relationship between them.
Oh Bones and Booth. They've been bickering best freinds for four years now. One of them realizes the attraction to each other and struggles with it daily

9) If the lead title characters (first names in the credits) from #1 and #3 were both drowning, and you could only save one, who would it be?
Lorelai vs. Serena. Def, Lorelai. Serena i don't really care about.

10) If you could change the title characters' order in the credits for #4, what order would you choose?
There is no order. i think...

11) If you were able to add a new character, any kind of character you wanted, to the storyline of #6, what would the character be like, and what would their role be?
Jim's little sister, i think she would be interesting, maybe she could fall in love with Toby!!
12) What happens in your favourite episode of 2?
Hmmm, Mulder gets stuck in WWII ship and scully saves him. and he tells her he loves her!

13) If you could kill off one of the characters in #1, who would it be and how would you do it?
Haha. I would kill Christopher Hayden, I'd probably pull a Buffy and stake him

14) If you got the chance to visit the set for either show #3 or show #5, which would you choose?
Idk probably GG's

15) If you could date anyone from any of these shows, which show and which person would it be?
Seeley Booth
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10 May 2009 @ 09:23 am
Who is your favorite mother (the character, not the actress) from television or the movies?
The mother from Mary Poppins.
or Emily Gilmore from GG

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25 April 2009 @ 01:35 pm
Out of all of your favorite books, pick just one you'd recommend everyone read. As a bonus: why did you pick that one?
Story of a girl by Sara Zarr.
I read this one, recently and couldnt put it down. For fans of SPEAK
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